An Unscientific Poll

On a whim I did some Google searches:

I love Ubuntu” ~41,200 hits

I hate Ubuntu” ~1,680 hits (~4% of Ubuntu love)

I love Windows” ~37,400 hits (including facetious uses of that ;)

I hate Windows” ~61,100 hits (~163% of Windows love)

So using this unscientific poll, we can surmise that people’s experience with Ubuntu is generally far more pleasant than with Windows ;)

In a slightly related note, Bill Gates seems to be cementing the Vista-as-Windows ME 2007 reputation by claiming that “Sometime in the next year or so we will have a new version” of Windows.  Never mind that its complete vaporware at this point; perhaps he thinks the message he’s projecting is that “I’m super-enthused about what [Windows 7] will do in lots of ways”… yet what people are actually hearing is ‘avoid Vista’; the results are predictable: people will stick with XP for now if they can, get a Mac if they can’t or maybe even dabble with Linux; Hardy is looking so pretty that it absolutely blows away anyone who hasn’t looked at Desktop Linux in the last couple years (and the EULA can’t be beat :).

[Update: for more unscientific fun, see the comments ;]


2 Responses to “An Unscientific Poll”

  1. GreenLantern Says:

    This is an interesting idea. I decided to expand on it a little more.

    Everyone knows the true test of anything is the “suck” test:
    Windows sucks – 425,000
    Linux sucks – 285,000

    Are people switching to Linux:
    Switched to Linux – 541,000

    One of the biggest complaints about Linux is that it’s hard to use, install, find drivers for, etc. So is it:
    “Linux is hard” – 32,300
    “Windows is hard” – 1,420

  2. Limulus Says:

    GreenLantern: given the hundreds of distros, “Linux” is perhaps a bit too broad (and to be fair, if using individual distros we should use individual Windows releases), so consider:

    “Ubuntu sucks” 7,410
    “XP sucks” 20,600
    “Vista sucks” 235,000 (!!!)

    “Ubuntu is hard” 7,920
    “XP is hard” 5,520
    “Vista is hard” 20,100

    and just for fun >;-)

    “Ubuntu sucks donkey balls” 4
    “XP sucks donkey balls” 7
    “Vista sucks donkey balls” 106

    I detect a trend…

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