XiTiMonitor data for February and March now online!

French; Google tranlation (official English translation soon here)

Based on previous XiTiMonitor numbers, Firefox reached record high levels in 20 of the 32 countries surveyed in the last month!  Eyeballing the March data for discontinuities, I note that there are three main ranges:

18 countries 15% – 27% (these seem to be the low-to-mid adopters, which form a fairly continuous range)

9 countries 30% – 38% (the mid-to-high adopters)

5 countries 41% – 46% (the high adopters)

Curiously, the high adopters in east-central Europe follow an almost North-South line from the Baltic to the Adriatic Seas and the usage rates tend to drop as you go east or west from that Line.  Finland also appears to be a center, with the usage rates in Scandanavia and the Baltic states decreasing the further away you go.  Pretty much the only exception to this is Ireland, which spiked in July and has remained mid-to-high ever since.  That the high adopters continually flirt with the 50% mark is a tad frustrating; one wonders if FF3 will finally push one of the countries (Poland would be my best guess right now) over that.  I was wrong in guessing that FF would break the mark somewhere in Europe in 2007, but its time will come and I don’t think it’s going too much out on a limb to say that 2008 is very likely.


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