This made me laugh :)

So I’m checking my e-mail and there’s a new comment to Ubuntu’s Bug #1 (“Microsoft has a majority market share”)

Help. I’m writing in from Ohio, in the United States.

I recently attended a cookout with an Acer Aspire One with Ubuntu by my side. When asked what it was, I said it was a notebook with Ubuntu, which is a type of Linux, which is an operating system. The general reply was that their computers ran Dell operating systems.

Please send men in Human-themed suits to aid these poor people who didn’t even realize that there were other options beside Windows (honest – they thought Mac’s were just Windows boxes with prettier cases.)

Please… I don’t know how much longer I can last with my efficient computers and lack of viruses.

Update August 18, 2008: A little amusement I discovered while experimenting in VirtualBox; Word95 vs. teh iNTERWEB:

Update August 28, an ubuntu UK ML post (via Groklaw’s News Picks quoting The Open Sourcerer)

Desperately seeking Ubuntu Webbook – with Bolt Cutters!

In Bracknell, the Carphone Warehouse Webbook (Elonex) with
preinstalled Ubuntu which is included in one of CPW’s deals is in such
extraordinary demand that the recent display item in CPW Bracknell
Princess Square shopping mall was stolen last week by desperate people
using *bolt cutters*!

The many larger laptops with Vista installed were left untouched. Sad
eh? Even thieves don’t want Vista.

The Webbook was secured using a kensington similar stranded wire lock,
so I guess the culprits even had some angle grinding to do later, to
remove the lock itself.

The desparate act took place in a normal shopping day in broad
daylight, and the miscreants were seen making off at speed,
unencumbered by antivirus or other unnecessary items which might have
slowed them down!

Like most shopping malls, there is security video in operation, I
trust that it will be put to good use.


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