The sky really IS falling for IE7

Last month I noticed something odd going on at W3Schools; IE7 market share on that site actually dropped.  With the release of their August browser stats today, it appears that not only was it not an error, but IE7’s share has further dropped in the last month, with FF picking up most of the difference:

IE5 -0.2%
IE6 -0.8%
IE7 -0.4%
FF +1.1%

I also have corroborating evidence of an IE7 drop/FF3 gain over the last month from another source, Net Applications:

IE6 -0.57%
IE7 -0.31%
FF2 -1.51%
FF3 +2.07%

[update: note that these numbers show roughly the same ratios as the W3Schools ones; that they are proportional is what counts, as they show the trend clearly]

The conclusion that I had previously drawn, that “F3 seems to really be a crowd pleaser”, seems to be the case! :-)

The rate of IE loss/FF gain this month on W3Schools isn’t quite as drastic though (about 2/3 of June to July), which may mean that this effect is slowing, though I feel confident enough to say that IE7 will lose more in the W3Schools September numbers. With IE8 just around the corner (W3Schools will probably replace their IE5 entry with it), I can’t see IE7 ever appreciably increasing its market share; it appears to have crested.


“Google have announced plans to take on Microsoft and Firefox with their own open-source browser, codenamed Chrome, by releasing a specially drawn comic by Scott McCloud explaining the app.  Based on the existing Webkit rendering engine, Chrome will integrate not only tab-based browsing but Google Gears and a newly integrated search and address system called Omnibox.”

It will be interesting to see:

(1) What open-source license(s) its under
(2a) If it will get significant traction (Opera and Safari, while well known, are each <5%)
(2b) and if it does, if it will eat more into IE or FF.

I think though that if anyone is still in denial that we’re in a browser war right now, that this will open their eyes.


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