Disappointment with Dell’s “Inspiron Mini 9”

Dell finally released their “Inspiron Mini 9″ (aka 910, aka E) and I’m not impressed; they didn’t meet the expectations that had been set in the media prior to release.  Here are four gripes I can list:

1. This is probably the most obvious; the base model is NOT $299.  Hopes were high that Dell would have the best deal around and set a new price-point that would help establish a sub-$300 market for netbooks. [update: also, low-end notebooks tend to be ~$400 these days… except with better specs.  So unless you specifically want/need a very small form factor (e.g. for children’s small hands) it makes more sense to get a cheap notebook.]

2. Dell’s pricing-shenanigans with Ubuntu vs Windows… AGAIN; it turns out that for the same hardware, systems with Ubuntu are at least as expensive and sometimes even more expensive!  Bad Dell!

3. Its not Ubuntu proper or Ubuntu’s Netbook Remix, its something called “Mini OS powered by Ubuntu 8.04″.  Um… ok… not what I wanted though…

4. The specially-designed keyboard, upon which allegedly the Mini 9 has been delayed for so long, has an “appalling” layout.

Oh well…


3 Responses to “Disappointment with Dell’s “Inspiron Mini 9””

  1. A.Y. Siu Says:

    1. Yes, that’s disappointing.

    2. It’s not that terrible. The Ubuntu model gets several months of free online storage, and it is cheaper (just not for the same specs). You have to really amp up the specs to make a “fair” comparison.

    3. I think it probably is Ubuntu Netbook Remix, but they’re calling it “Mini OS powered by Ubuntu 8.04” so as not to scare off Windows users.

    4. Yes, agreed.

  2. allan Says:

    >3. Its not Ubuntu proper or Ubuntu’s Netbook Remix, its something called “Mini OS powered by Ubuntu 8.04″. Um… ok… not what I wanted though…

    Any idea what the differences are between Ubuntu “proper” and the “Mini OS powered by Ubuntu 8.04?” What’s missing?

  3. Limulus Says:

    allan: you can see it in action about 3 min into http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7uAGe3N7PgM

    It looks vaguely like they added a layer on top of regular Ubuntu; A.Y. Siu, I’ve played with UNR and it looks nothing like the tab thing they’re using on the Mini 9. Doesn’t mean its bad though, just something else… Hopefully its easily removable ;-)

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