W3Schools October Data

Much thanks again to the maintainers of W3Schools for putting up more browser data for their site; it provides an excellent record of the trends in the second browser wars.  Here’s what’s new since the my last update using the August numbers:

* IE7 took a slight dip in its numbers due to FF3’s release, from which it appears to have basically recovered (but will it just plateau or actually increase its market share again?)

* Google’s Chrome burst onto the scene jumping immediately to 3% on W3S… and then appears to have plateaued.  Now, 3% for a new browser is not shabby by any means; it instantly became the largest of the ‘minor’ browsers, slightly edging out Apple’s Safari.  It remains to be seen however if it can do what Opera and Safari couldn’t (yet anyway), namely break through as a major browser.

* Firefox took a minor hit from Chrome, but is now back on track.

* IE6 took a major hit from Chrome, which appears to have accelerated its demise.


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