Windows Se7en

I just realized a way that Microsoft could go a long way towards soothing-over the Vista fiasco, while generating goodwill among Windows users, undermining Linux adoption, making lots of very good press and really not costing Microsoft very much money (seriously, I can’t imagine much more than those terrible ads with Gates and Seinfeld).

But I am *so* confident that it would completely run contrary to the ‘penny-wise but dollar-foolish’ mentality at M$ that they will *never* do it that I will blog the idea right here:

Let legitimate Windows Vista keys work for Windows Seven.

IOW, let Windows Vista users upgrade to Windows Seven for free (gratis).

[Update: It appears that I am not the only one and not the first person to think this either :]

The vast majority of Windows upgrades happen when people buy new computers, NOT from buying an upgrade version; the small drop in profits for lost Vista to Seven boxed upgrades would be more than compensated by increased computer sales.  The buzz already is that Seven is what Vista really should have been; sort of a Windows 98 SE (but compared to ME, not 98 ;)…  Amusingly, read this section of an article about “consumer harm” caused by M$ as a mad-lib:

Windows [VERSION] is already on its “second edition.” To get what are essentially bug fixes, Microsoft charges Windows [VERSION] users $[AMOUNT], for the second edition of the same product. (Creating yet another opportunity to charge consumers more money so its products will function properly).

(VERSION = 98 or Vista? ;)

If M$ did that simple thing, do you doubt that it would have the effects I described in the first part of the post?

Do you doubt that Ballmer & Co. will never do it?

I have to say that the different Windows Se7en DVD versions look pretty… Ultimate is in the middle.


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