Browser Wars: April 2009

Looks like the stats for April 2009 have come in: site-specific data trends: IE6 and IE7 down more than IE8 up, Firefox and Chrome up, Opera and Safari flat.  That’s basically the same as you can see on Net Applications‘ global stats.

AT Internet Institute (formerly XiTiMonitor) European data: basically the same; IE is down and FF is up.  They break out some countries specifically though: Germany has the highest FF usage at 44.2% (~4 of every 9 users)

Stat Counter meanwhile claims that FF3 usage in Germany at the end of April was on the order of 55%! (~5 of every 9 users).  I like Stat Counter for the fine detail you can get; did you know that Opera at some point won the browser wars in the Ukraine? :)  Or that in China IE 6 has never been dethroned?  It’s like imagining worlds where the dinosaurs never died out or where marsupials were in charge 8-)

Firefox in Europe as a whole is very much at a tipping point right now; its managed to capture a relatively large percentage of the market in a salmon-swimming-upstream manner and soon the EU is probably (finally!) going to hammer MS about bundling IE into Windows.  Suddenly you’ll see alternate browsers show up in OEM preloads there.  And without having to struggle against OEMs’ obedience to MS, Firefox is going to rapidly become the top browser there.


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