StatCounter: Firefox 3 is the most used browser version in Canada

I just noticed that according to StatCounter Firefox 3 has achieved market share plurality in Canada!

[Note: As per the StatCounter About page, their works are licensed as cc-by-sa]

The US numbers show a trend implying that FF3 will become the most used browser there in the next month or so!

Update June 17: It will also soon become the most widely used browser version globally too, according to StatCounter. Note the ‘nailing down jello’ (or perhaps ‘blind men and an elephant‘) aspect of browser stats in that while SC is claiming FF3 and IE to both be ~30%, NetApplications estimated FF3 to have ~20% and IE7 ~40% market share in May 2009.

Further update: eyeballing the data and adding W3Counter to the mix, I would give ‘generally accepted’ current estimates of global market share in the ranges of:

30-40% for IE7
20-30% for FF3
15-25% for IE6
5-10% for IE8


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