W3Schools June Data

Its been five months since I last reported on the browser share data for W3Schools.com. The first thing that jumped out at me is the rapid growth of Google’s Chrome compared to the slow rise of Safari and plateauing of Opera:

Google's Chrome is rapidly rising in popularity

The trend is currently on the order of a percent every two months. And now that it has broken through the 5% mark on W3Schools, I feel that it should be included on the main graph:

Browser Wars 2

Note that the Firefox+IE line has been slipping, but adding Chrome to it keeps it where it was before. We are hopefully now entering a phase where there will be a third major browser; Chrome’s not there yet, but trending in that direction… We’ll have to see some global numbers to be sure its not a North American-specific thing.

Firefox continues to rise and IE continues to fall (note also here). We may notice a slight spike in FF usage in July from the 3.5 release.

IE6 is reaching its ‘long tail’; its almost exactly where IE5 was five years ago… hopefully it will die off faster though >;)

IE8 is rising rapidly, but almost exclusively at the expense of IE7. In fact, it might not be long until IE6 is more popular than IE7 again! (note the last graph here too)


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