Dell’s Ubuntu Netbook FAIL

So I headed over to to look at their netbooks with Ubuntu and this is what I just saw: Netbooks: 'Ubuntu' machines have no discount AND don't have Ubuntu!

The “Ubuntu” netbooks don’t get a discount, but the XP ones do (so you save nothing… oh and no free movie on a flash drive either) AND…

…here’s the kicker…

they come with XP anyway.

Seriously (I clicked the link to check).

Dell, I should buy from you WHY?

Update Aug. 24: Dell updated the site so that there’s now a “Mini 10v Ubuntu” but its still the same price as the (discounted) “Mini 10v XP”.  Why does Dell have to play shell games with the prices?  Grr!

Update Aug. 25: More Dell Ubuntu Netbook FAIL!


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