Delicious Schadenfreude from London

Half a decade ago, M$ was crowing loudly about being the software supplier for the London Stock Exchange; iIt became one of their main exhibits in the ‘Get the FactsFUD campaign:

But then things started to go wrong… And today I see that it ends for them in an epic fail >:)

*** The London Stock Exchange is switching to Linux ***

For less than half the cost of buying the proprietary software from M$, they are buying a COMPANY that is producing the Linux-based solution.

* The cost savings are estimated to be ~$15M per year!

* The speed of the system will improve by ~7x!

* Releases will be much faster too (that sounds familiar ;)

* AND the tech will likely replace the Microsoft offering in other markets too!

To quote the article:

“So, rather than being just any old deal that Microsoft happened to lose, this really is something of a total rout, and in an extremely demanding and high-profile sector. Enterprise wins for GNU/Linux don’t come much better than this.”

Watching Microsoft slowly crumble like this is just so delicious; I am savoring the Schadenfreude right now. Mmmmmmmm… >:-)


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