World of Goo Turns 1: “Pay whatever you think it’s worth” this week

I note (via Joystiq) that World of Goo is on sale this week and you can name the price!  If you haven’t gotten it for Ubuntu already, grab it now! :)

Update: The sale has been held over until Oct. 25!

Update 2: Here’s a comment I made on that last link:

I sent in an e-mail with an idea, but I haven’t heard back, so I’ll just leave a note here and see what people think:

Basically, Linux is very cool, but suffers from a lack of high-quality games. WoG is a high-quality game available for Linux, but is neither “free” in either the gratis or libre senses of the word and so can’t get redistributed in the ‘brain dead easy’ repository systems that makes distros like Ubuntu a joy to install programs on.  WoG’s sales (quantity multiplied by price) will end up declining over time.  Thus, it should be possible to figure out how much $ it would take now to make WoG gratis (think area under a curve) for Linux in the future.  And I would like to help raise funds for that :)

The thought of a worldofgoo package in Ubuntu’s multiverse repository for the LTS release that’s due in April is so neat!  Open sourcing it would be even better, but probably a lot more $$$ and later in the future, ne?  So baby steps first…

How about this for a price suggestion:

181/4830 responses in the survey mentioned Linux (177) or Ubuntu
There were ~57K purchases, so >2K of those were likely for Linux
The average price seemed to plateau around $2.50
So the Linux share of $ was probably on the order of >$5K
Thus >$250K/yr assuming continued sales at that level.

For the sake of argument let’s say that sales for the Linux port will drop by half every year:

2009: 250K, 2010: 125K, 2011: 62.5K, 2012: 31.25K…

the sum of that series would have a limit of $500K.

If we raised $500K, would 2D Boy make WoG for Linux gratis? :)


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