64-bit Flash in Ubuntu

So I upgraded to Karmic and Flash seems odd; it could be because I was running the 32-bit version in 64-bit Ubuntu (via the flashplugin-installer package; it seemed to work fine in Jaunty *shrug*) but whatever the reason, I decided to try Adobe’s 64-bit version of Flash 10.  It works well (seems a bit slower than 9, but at least it isn’t acting up) and installation is really easy!

(0) Uninstall Flash

(1) Download the .tar.gz file from the bottom of this page. (Link corrected Dec. 1)

(2) Extract the .so file (double click the .tar.gz and Archive Manager will start)

(3) Put it in the .mozilla/plugins directory of your home folder (go to your home folder, View -> Show Hidden Files, and create the plugins dir if it doesn’t already exist.

Done!  Restart Firefox and test here.

Update Dec. 16: version was released on Dec. 8


2 Responses to “64-bit Flash in Ubuntu”

  1. Dietrich Says:

    In Ubuntu 9.10, just open Ubuntu Software Center, type flash and install.
    Ubuntu selects, downloads and installs the appropriate version from http://www.adobe.com automatically.


    • Limulus Says:

      Ah, but if you’re using 64-bit Ubuntu, then it has to install all sorts of stuff to get the 32-bit version working… and by working, I mean that it works a bit better than gnash ;) Using the 64-bit pre-release version on my 64-bit machine works better.

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