Ubuntu compatible hardware: SanDisk Sansa Clip+

Looking for an MP3 player that works well with Ubuntu as well as supporting OGG and FLAC formatted files?
SanDisk makes one called the Sansa Clip+

SanDisk Sansa Clip+

I just bought one for my daughter; she’s liking it very much thus far! :)

If you want video playback as well, SanDisk also makes the Fuze which has similar OS/format support mentioned on their site.


5 Responses to “Ubuntu compatible hardware: SanDisk Sansa Clip+”

  1. Greg Allen Says:

    Be aware that some people are having problems with Ubuntu and the Sansa Clip+ (me included).

    I tried the regular fixes (like updating the firmware on the player) but no success. When I upgraded from Ubuntu 9 to 10, I hoped it would fix it, but it didn’t.

    I saw on the Ubuntu web site that it’s been listed as a bug.

    Even so, the Clip+ is a great little player — especially for the price – and it works fine in Windows. I have no idea about Mac.

  2. Ed Says:

    I have the Clip+ and it works fine in KDE and XFCE, just not in Gnome. Dolphin doesn’t detect it with Gnome. I wish I knew a workaround.

  3. apterix Says:

    to solve:
    Use MSC mode (usb settings) on the Clip+ with Linux systems. Not MTP and not Auto Defect.

  4. mziwisky Says:

    Thanks for the tip, apterix — was just about to give in and boot up windows!

  5. coyote_song Says:

    Thanks apterix! When Ubuntu 10/Gnome didn’t recognize it I googled this page and I had hour three of Mark Steyn filling in for Rush Limbaugh podcast loaded in no time!!!

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