Morbid Fecundity

Pictures of ‘Octomom’ ready to burst are disturbing enough (while this is cute, this is not!) and the decision by ‘Jon & Kate plus 8‘ not to selectively reduce becase of their religious beliefs should be a warning about faith versus common sense (because adding more kids is always so good for a relationship), but the other day I was browsing the news and I found this:

Michelle Duggar Gives Birth To 19th Child Via C Section

The thing that especially disturbed me was this line:

The Duggars belive [sic] that every child is a gift from God and do not use any contraception.”

Which prompted me to leave a comment:

“There’s something wrong with that along the lines of a morbidly obese person stating that ‘every inch of waistline is a gift from God and that they do not use any dietary restrictions’.”

Even more disturbing than them are things like the Quiverfull movement; its ‘gluttony for god’ but with babies instead of food.

The quote that springs to mind is: “The command “Be fruitful and multiply” was promulgated, according to our authorities, when the population of the world consisted of two people.” William Ralph Inge, More Lay Thoughts of a Dean, 1931 [source]


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