Upgrading to Gutsy

On Saturday I bought a HD and cheapo external USB case for it, backed up all my files to it and then upgraded from Feisty to Gutsy with sudo update-manager -c -d That worked fine (in fact, while it might just be my imagination, it seemed like Synaptic runs faster in Gutsy :), but after the upgrade I noted that all the old crufty settings I had were making Gutsy not look as nice as the copy I had been running in VirtualBox, so I decided to do a clean install and in the process start a Gutsy page for my Ubuntu notes from scratch. I used the beta CD I had burned and decided, for future ease of installation, to partition the internal HD as follows:

hda1 ~20 GB for /
hda2 ~297 GB for /home
hda3 ~3 GB for swap

So in the future I can just do a clean install to hda1 and then monkey with /etc/fstab as needed.  ~20 GB for / might not seem like much, but right now it only has ~3.5 GB in it, so that’s lots of space, even if I install all the software from the repositories that I could ever want :)  Also, my plan is that at some future date, when they are cheaper, I will replace that partition with a 16 or 32 GB SSD to get phenomenal boot times and snappier applications…  hopefully that day will come soon :)

Now, after the install was finished, I copied over all my Desktop files and then viewed the hidden files from my home folder and, for now, just copied over .mozilla (Firefox) and .mozilla-thunderbird (Thunderbird) which got them up and running as if nothing had changed :)

So now I’m poking at settings and getting everything the way I want it.  Gutsy’s looking very nice; if you feel up for an adventure, backup your data and go for it! ^_^

Also, BTW, ShipIt is now taking orders for Gutsy disks.  I’ve put in a big order, but we’ll see how many I actually get approved for (they’ve been decreasing the number approved with each release, almost certainly due to increased demand with each release).


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