July 2009 Browser Stats

I note that NetApplications, W3Counter and StatCounter all have their global July 2009 numbers up, so here’s a table:

	NA	W3C	SC	range

IE8	14.58	12.46	12.65	12-15
IE7	23.09	24.74	27.62	23-28
IE6	27.21	15.21	19.82	15-27
all	64.88	52.41	60.09	52-65

FF3.5	4.54	6.56	5.44	4-7
FF3	16.21	23.03	22.93	16-24
FF2	1.45	1.81	1.81	1-2
all	22.2	31.4	30.18	22-32

IE+FF	87.08	83.81	90.27	83-91

C2	2.37	3.11	2.85	2-4
S4	2.22	3.11	(<3)	2-4
O9	1.73	1.18	1.86	1-2

One will note that there is quite a bit of difference in the IE:FF ratios; NetApplications has the highest at about 3:1, while W3Counter has the lowest, at about 5:3  Another difference is in which browser version is the most used; NetApplications says IE6, while StatCounter says IE7 and W3Counter has IE7 less than 2% ahead of FF3.  Thus we are reminded that any individual source is not necessarily accurate and will have its particular biases so we should be careful when quoting exact figures; ranges and overall trends would be better.

Update Aug. 7:

W3Schools put up the numbers for their site and the trends are:

IE8 is rising, but not quite as fast as IE7 is falling.

IE6 continues down its path toward extinction.

Firefox and Chrome are still rising, together at about the same rate IE as a whole is falling.


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